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Let’s talk about snacking!

Snacking often gets a bad rep, but it shouldn’t! Snacking is a MANDATORY part of my day and should be part of yours too!

Well, first off, I want you to think of a snack as a ‘bridge between two meals’. This means that a snack is meant to tie you over until your next┬ámeal. It’s natural that we┬áshould be getting hungry every 3-4 hours, and to fill those gap(s) between our┬ámeals, snacks are essential!

What makes a healthy snack?

A snack is an opportunity to feed your body nutrition! And the best way to do that is to think of having at least 2 different food groups in that snack. Think some carbs + protein to really keep you satisfied until your next meal/snack.

It’s ok if its simple! A lot of times, we┬áthink about these fancy, extravagent┬ásnacks and forget that the basic easy things are just as satisfactory and make your life a hell of a lot easier to prep. You can keep a few simple snacks on rotation and they don’t need to be ‘pretty’!

My top 5 go-to snacks: 

1. Greek yogurt + berries
2. Small tortilla + PB + banana wrap
3. Nut butter + apple slices
4. Cheese slices + whole grain crackers
5. Bean salad with veggies

These are tried and true for me, my family, and my clients!

Try these and be sure to notice how you feel when you incorporate a healthy snack into your day!

Happy Snacking!

Your nutrition BFF,

Anisha Gupta
Registered Dietitian & Nutrition Coach

P.S. Did you know that when you work with me 1:1, we work together to create a fun and healthy way of eating that fits right into your lifestyle?

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