(647) 408-6474 anisha@hellonutrition.ca

Hey There! I’m Anisha Gupta,

Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach, living just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  

I’m a mom of two, who is busy building an enterprise, while trying to navigate through this busy life just like you!  I’m ready to teach you all the tricks and tips that I use in my life to help me nourish myself and my family everyday!

 What qualifies me to coach you? Besides my 7 years of post-secondary education (including a comprehensive Masters Degree) and 14 years of experience, my clients have been my biggest teaching tools! Their real-life situations and experiences have taught me SO MUCH and this has allowed me to expand the tools in my toolkit.

And TODAY, more than ever before, I can say with CONFIDENCE, that I have the skills to help you be successful and reach your health and nutrition goals!

My Mission

“To simplify the complicated world of food and nutrition into easy, practical nutrition messages. I believe in a holistic approach, where lifestyle and nutrition are both crucial components in making lasting positive changes and optimizing your health and happiness.”

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