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Frequently Asked Questions!

I am anxious about investing in myself...is this normal?

YES!! Many of my clients have felt this way initially, but if the program is done correctly, it should actually pay for itself!

My clients are able to see savings in so many other aspects of thier life, which include:

- decreased use of unneeded supplements

- less food wastage, as you learn to become more efficient with groceries, cooking, and meal planning

- never wasting money on diet pills, detoxes, or weight loss plans ever again

- spending less money on fast food or take-out

- less money spent on buying new clothing because old clothes just don't fit anymore

- less emotionally triggered impulse purchases to "make you feel better"

...not to mention how being healthy will add value to your life and delay future medical conditions, medications, and all costs associated with medical expenses as you continue to age!

Will I need to buy additional products and supplements?

Here at Hello Nutrition, we take a food first approach. We focus on how you can get the good nutrition your body needs from real food!

I am vegetarian, will this work for me?

Our programs are completely customized to you! We will guide and inspire you so that you can meet your nutrition needs with the foods you want, love and enjoy!

Will I need to count calories or weigh my food?

Absolutely not!

We want to maximize your enjoyment of food and really foster that positive relationship with food. We focus on teaching you what healthy eating actually looks like, so that you can love food for how it makes you feel!

Will I be getting a meal plan?

We will do one better!

We will teach you the skills you need, so that you can can listen to YOUR body's nutrition needs, understand how to build a healthy meal, and be able to enjoy food with your family and friends.

We want to inspire you and build your confidence so that you can apply these fundamental skills to any situation - parties, holidays, restaurants, vacations, etc.

Is success guranteed?

We guarantee that you will have the accountability, motivation & support you need to help you succeed! We guarantee that we will do our best to educate and empower you as you go along this journey.

Your dedication to putting in time & being consistent in this process, is how you can optimize your success. Your effort will be the ultimate decider of your progress and we will be here every step of the way, cheering you on!

Is this covered by OHIP?

Unfortunately, private practice Dietitian services are not covered by OHIP at this time.

What locations do you serve?

We work virtually to help people all across Canada and the world!

We are located just outside of Toronto, Ontario with offices in Mississauga and Markham.

Locally, we service individuals and companies from Brampton, Vaughn, Richmond Hill, Newmarket, Toronto, Scarborough, Ajax, Pickering, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Hamilton, Guelph, Whitby and beyond.

Are you struggling with PCOS?

My signature program, Surviving to Thriving, will help you understand the foundation to successfully managing your health!

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