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A 30 day bootcamp experience to a healthier you!

Go from feeling overwhelmed and lethargic, to feeling empowered to create balanced meals that are going to nourish, energize, and fuel you all day long!


WE START: March 1st, 2024



I know your life is busy.


Even with all your good intentions, your health and nutrition tend to take a backseat.

I know that you feel defeated and confused with all the mixed messages you’ve found on Google and social media. I get it, there is so much misinformation out there that it becomes hard to know what to trust.

You’re feeling overwhelmed and don’t even know where to start. This feeling of being stuck is impacting your energy levels, your health, your mood, your relationships,

So doing nothing for longer isn’t really going to help you…

Believe me, as a Dietitian, and a busy mom of 2, I understand the pain that you’re feeling and the importance of why we need to break out of this cycle.

You’ll finally be able to...

Introducing The Jumpstart

A 30 day bootcamp, starting November 1st, 2023!

Jumpstart Essentials

For those who love the education, support, motivation & accountability to create a winning lifestyle.
$ 97 CAD
  • Live teachings every week (with replay available)
  • Q&A opportunities
  • Community support to cheer you on
  • Weekly challenges to help you take action on your goals

Jumpstart Plus+

For those who need a little more handholding and personalization to CRUSH their goals.
$ 500 CAD
  • Everything From Jumpstart Essentials
  • 4 x private coaching calls with Anisha Gupta, RD
  • Access to food and mood journalling in private portal
  • Customized coaching to meet your individual needs

The Jumpstart is a bootcamp, designed to help you take action on your goals, regardless of where you are on your health journey.

Early Bird Bonus

LIVE Masterclass:  

Meal Planning Made Easy

Learn how to leverage Chat GPT to make meal plans for free! 

I’ll be sharing the exact prompts to make AI work for you and your lifestyle. Did I mention that it only takes a few minutes for your meal plan to magically appear?

Sign up before February 23, 2024  to get in on this amazing event!

The Jumpstart is going to help you:

But wait..all this change is amazing, but to make it happen, you’ll need to put in the work. It takes time and consistency to change your habits. Luckily, this program is designed to make it simple and easy. This program has built in challenges & a community for you to fall back on so that you don’t feel like you’re doing it alone.

If you’re ready to break out of this rut in your life and ready to finally start feeling your best, let’s get you started!


Here's what they had to say...


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Generally speaking, most insurance plans will reimburse for Jumpstart Plus+.
  • You will need to check with your insurance provider about the details of your coverage. I am registered in the province of Ontario as a Registered Dietitian. For the Jumpstart Plus+, I will be able to provide you receipts for each private coaching call with a value of $125 each for the 25 minute session. There are 4 sessions included in this package. The sessions will be done virtually via phone/zoom.
  • Please note that Hello Nutrition Inc. is not responsible for claims that are rejected. All sales are final once you are enrolled in the program. Please confirm coverage prior to enrolling, so there are no surprises.

This program is 100% virtual! If you are not computer savvy, no worries. Feel free to reach out to me via email at anisha@hellonutrition.ca and I’ll be more than happy to help you.

At Hello Nutrition, we believe that food should be your primary choice to nourish your body. In this program I will teach you how to to use the power to real food to help you better your health.

Absolutely! I will provide you with many plant based options to meet your nutrition needs.

Yes! The way that I teach, it can be applied across cultures. I will do my best to answer any questions that you have.

If you’re ready for a nutrition upgrade, let’s dive in!
Spots are limited.

We start March 1st, 2024!

Save my seat:
If you’re on the fence, let’s talk about it! 

Book a 20 minute call with me to see if this is the right program for you!

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I'm Anisha Gupta

Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach, living just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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