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I’m a Registered Dietitian + Nutrition Coach who is passionate about helping ambitious people transform their relationship with food and their body.

Healthy shouldn’t be hard! I simplify nutrition into something you actually want to do!

Are you ready to start living your best life?

1:1 Private Coaching

Join me in my signature program, ‘Surviving To Thriving’, the only program that will give you the tools you need to experience an entire transformation with your health and wellness.

Have me as your personal cheerleader to help you implement new skills with accountability & motivation, so that you CAN achieve your goals!

My goal is to give you the the confidence you need so that you can eat & live your best life – FOREVER! 

The Jumpstart

The ultimate 30 day Bootcamp experience to supercharge your nutrition journey. Whether you’re a beginner or a health enthusiast, I’ve got you covered. 

This program is designed to help you understand how to create balanced meals that are going to nourish and fuel you throughout the day. 

 Expect interactive sessions, a supportive community, and thrilling challenges to help you take action on your goals.  

 WE START: NOV. 1ST, 2023

The perfect program to use your insurance dollars. 

Learn with Courses

Learn at your own pace, with the most comprehensive courses, designed by me, Anisha Gupta, Registered Dietitian.

It’s like a live training, but you get to pause, rewind, and re-listen on your time. The carefully thought out bite-sized lessons make them easy to grasp, with plenty of practical examples and resources. 

You’re in control – learn on demand and empower yourself with the knowledge you need.

Corporate & Media

If you’re an organization looking to help people become more nutritionally savvy, let’s talk about how we can customize my services to fit your needs. 

I specialize in group presentations, corporate wellness events, food demos, and Q&A sessions. 

I am also available for news articles, TV segments, podcast and blog features. 


Frequently Asked Questions

I will do one better!

I will teach you the skills you need, so that you can can listen to YOUR body’s nutrition needs, understand how to build a healthy meal, and be able to enjoy food with your family and friends.

I want to inspire you and build your confidence so that you can apply these fundamental skills to any situation – parties, holidays, restaurants, vacations, etc.

I guarantee that you will have the accountability, motivation & support you need to help you succeed! I guarantee that I will do my best to educate and empower you as you go along this journey.

Your dedication to putting in time & being consistent in this process, is how you can optimize your success. Your effort will be the ultimate decider of your progress and I will be here every step of the way, cheering you on!

Most private insurance plans do offer coverage for Registered Dietitians. Coverage does vary plan to plan, so it is your responsibility to confirm your coverage details before enrolling in a program. 

Unfortunately, private practice Dietitian services are not covered by OHIP at this time.

I work virtually, to help people all across Canada and the world!

I am Registered as a Dietitian in Ontario, Canada. 

Locally, I serve the GTA, which includes: 

–  Brampton

– Vaughn

– Richmond Hill

– Newmarket

– Toronto

– Scarborough

– Ajax

– Pickering

– Whitchurch-Stouffville

– Hamilton

– Guelph

– Whitby and more!

Client Wins

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"Kacie's course helped me scale my coaching biz to a whole new level!"

“I can’t recommend her program enough. You get so much more than just a course. It’s a full on coaching experience and exactly what Kacie did to build her business!”

– Gabby O.

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I'm Anisha Gupta

Registered Dietitian and Nutrition Coach, living just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

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